We were founded in 2012 to provide vintage and vintage-related sports cards and memorabilia to collectors worldwide. We are small boutique business that prides ourselves on bringing truly unique and rare sports memorabilia to the market at reasonable prices with excellent customer service.


Our initial exclusive offering is a limited-edition series from Helmar Brewing called the Team Display Series -- an ambitious undertaking that features large (18.5” in height by 22’’ in length) team portraits of MLB teams during the 1909 through 1912 seasons which are modeled after Helmar Brewing’s ever-popular 6-Up Die Cut Series.  Each team portrait is a distinctive creation using new designs from Helmar and includes individual player portraits that are reminiscent of old T205 and T206 tobacco cards.  All the baseball greats from yesteryear from Cobb to Jackson to Johnson to Mathewson to Wagner to Young are in this series.  Only 20 portraits for each team were produced with 10 of those portraits being reserved for "complete set" collectors.  Examples of this series are shown below.





Detroit Tigers Obverse

N.Y. Highlanders Reverse

N.Y. Giants Obverse